Ah its Christmas (in about 6 weeks)….

Last week we went to a Garden centre for the singular reason to visit their Christmas shop…it was amazing! You have to love a garden centre for their Christmas displays…the glitter, the randomness (I especially liked the story of ‘Sid the sprout’ and all the merch that came with it-spoiler: Sid doesn’t have any friends, because no one likes a sprout, not even other veg-but don’t worry he finds two other sprouts in the end! As my friend Ali pointed out though, why only 3 sprouts-who cooks just 3 sprouts??)

But surely the best is the ridiculously overpriced outdoor displays-in our case it was mechanical polar bears! They reminded me of American Christmas films from the 80s, I will admit I absolutely loved them, and if I had any money and a front garden I would probably purchase them!

christmas polar bear

I am a big fan of Christmas, it makes me so happy and now I have a completely non plussed baby to share it all with (haha-do not worry despite her apathy and ignorance she will be dressed in many a festive outfit!)

Saying that I have also read so many articles/posts about how stress-filled and anxious people find it, and of course there are those who have lost loved ones and disappointments and Christmas just seems to exacerbate the grieving. In amongst all the red cups, carols, advent calendars (yes, we’d all love the gin or wine one-but who the heck has that kinda cash-just open a bottle surely?) and candles there needs to be some stopping and waiting. I can often avoid this and just try and carry on with the hustle and bustle, the consequence of this is usually an overwhelmed Jen who just ends up having a crying meltdown-usually before or during a social occasion.

The stopping and waiting thing…well I guess it could be called reflection by other, more sophisticated, people. Essentially to me it’s a reminder that we are part of something more, a bigger narrative, that is more valuable than all the glitz and glamour of sparkly dresses and stockings and fun. Its acknowledging that the more, isn’t based on having a good time and how well you achieve family bliss (love my fam but this never happens), but it requires us all-in all our mess and mixture of emotions-we are all included. It’s about welcome and belonging-not just making sure your neighbours get a card, or people get a gift in this season but that we acknowledge each other, and embrace each other for all our differences. It’s remembering the importance of love…and how sacred and vulnerable love is.

Obviously mulled wine helps with this!! Haha!!!

Anyway, by writing this down I am hoping that it will encourage me to do some stopping and waiting…we will see?

I am not sure what this blog will be…I am thinking of doing the next one about nursery rhymes, because Faith got given an anthology of them from a friend and there are some absolute belters in there!!

Finally, here for your viewing pleasure are some of the decorations we found…I mean what says Christmas more than some little doggies with sticks coming out of their heads?


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