September fresh start

So in many ways my life isn’t changing at all tomorrow (the start of September).

I am not starting a new job, or a new course…or anything really. There is no need (sadly) to buy new stationary or a work coat/shoes.

But I am taking it as a fresh start…here are my plans;

  • Nighttime Digital Detox-I am going to take our phones and laptops out of our bedroom, and attempt to have no screen time the hour before bed. I have been meaning to do this for a long time but we have struggled to get out of the pattern of just leaving things until the end of the day to do, and so find ourselves scrolling the internet and answering emails. I really want to reduce our family screen time in general but also want some easy down time (and sometimes some easy first thing in the morning time…but if I have to keep watching whiny Bing I may just break the screen)


  • Budget & work out online banking. I have worked out how to logon after logging in many years ago and then consequently forgetting all my memorable data. I was trying to stop fraud, but maybe got a bit carried away with using unusual passwords. But we are back on a budget and I need to start being serious about money saving. I am trying to think of new ways to make/save-send any ideas on a postcard.


  • #milesforrefugees so in September I am going to try and walk/jog/swim 108 miles for the British Red Cross to support refugees. 108 miles is the distance between Calais to London. I am actually nervous about this one because it means a lot and yet it will take a concerted effort by me everyday. If you want to sponsor or join in…here’s my page


  • And finally, I plan to sort out this blog-and to spend some time writing for it, not just haphazardly writing when I have a few mins, and am stuffing a piece of toast in my mouth at the same time. I want to write pieces on topics I have researched and thought through-not as some expert but just to share what it is I have found.  I would love to carve out some time to do this and especially would love to hear from you if you know much about wordpress and how to format this.


I am hoping that this season will galvernise me (whenever I say the word galvernise I just think of the Chemical Brothers song). So well I go off and dance myself to bed with that song playing in my head-let me know what your fresh starts for September are.

I genuinely would love to hear from you-lets use this space to encourage and empower each other. I have realised this summer how daily I am inspired to try new things and develop skills by those around me. So cheers me dears, and for those of you who are thinking about starting afresh-whats one thing you could try this month?

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