Letting go of all the crap, so I’ve got space for you

I was going to write a post about how frustrated I have been about life not going to plan…ever…any more…because we are now parents. I have lost my patience too many times in the last few days; “why won’t she sleep/eat/stop crying/stop flailing {esp when being changed)/persist with trying to hold the phone and then get angry when she has stopped the music” but I suddenly was reminded of a friend whose sister is going through a real shit time and she, herself is juggling a ton of stuff. And I thought…screw all this small stuff, I hope she knows we’ve got her back.

So for those of you reading this who are known to us (pretty much all of you) and especially those who are wading through some stuff, trying to battle on through-know that we are with you.

We have very little power to change most things, but sure as hell we are going to be standing with you, holding your hand, and probably handing you a coffee/wine with the other. And honestly, I will probably be the only one holding your hand out of the 3 of us, Mike doesn’t really do that kind of contact, and Faith she is just always moving-but we are all there in on our own way.

Whenever I am struggling, the worst part for me is feeling isolated, I don’t know who to call or contact. It is not that I don’t have some great friends (you are all bloomin incredible) but I get overwhelmed and my mind fills with little panics and worries about who actually is the right one to speak to, and so I don’t do it and then I feel overwhelmed and very alone. This is probably a bit of a surprise for many of you, as I share a lot of life with a lot of people…but in the really really dark moments, I am usually not.

Anyway, I want you to know that we are with you. We are praying, tbh we can be pretty poor at praying generally but this is the one area we really do pray about. We are holding you in our minds and willing and hoping for change, and for breakthrough, and for healing and a miracle. But mostly, mostly we are just with you.

So I am making a concerted effort to drop the small things and letting you know, if you are wondering whose got your back, whose standing in your corner-we are. And I know we are not alone, there is a whole community often gathered there. You might not get to see those people that often because of distance, communication, life but there are many people who show up for each other in support everyday.

For the friends who are raging with depression, lost in grief, clinging on to holding their families together or just trying so hard to keep on and see this day through-we love you and we are for you. I hope we will be in contact soon, but even if we don’t get to text/call/grab that drink then know we are still with you.

‘A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new glorious morn’ (First two lines from O Holy Night)

Though you are weary, hold on and together we will dare to hope.




One thought on “Letting go of all the crap, so I’ve got space for you

  1. And I want you to know I am always, always, always with you too. I may be three hours’ drive away but I’m an internet fiend and you can message/call me anytime. Thanks for sharing the hard bits on here too. x


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