There was this guy I fancied a while ago (like a long time ago noone needs to worry about my marriage). Anyway my housemate and I had just found ’24’ and binge watched seasons 1 and 2, in a slightly obsessive-being rubbish youth workers because need to get back and watch more-way. I then text him to tell him how amazing it was (I like to share good news) anyway he responded with ‘that’s days of your life you will never get back’.

I think that was, one of many clues, he wasn’t the guy for me!!

I realise I have spent far too long trying to be cool and interesting for other people. I do like to learn new things and am keen to embrace new experience…but I am who I am and parts of me, large parts (not literal large parts although that may be true as well) are just not cool.

For example I love TV, at times I have tried to explain this because for lots of my childhood we didn’t have a TV, and when we did it was limited screen time. My parents wanted to encourage outdoor playing and imaginative games, although I am grateful for that, it has along with limiting sweets and chocolate in my childhood led to me being a sucker for TV and the girl that stands obsessively by the snack table at parties!

But whatever the reason, I just can’t help it…I love TV. Obviously I have limits Jeremy Kyle makes me want to claw my eyes out, and I have no attachment to antique hunting or even the home improvement/selling programmes, or most reality programmes-bar the awful but addictive MIC and Love Island this year.

But I am not cool-I still tie my jumper around my waist when I get to hot-not in a cool Tai way from Clueless, in a ‘I am too hot and I don’t want to carry my jumper’ way.

I still can’t properly put on eye makeup and I don’t understand a phone diary and so insist on buying a paper one each year. I have been known to keep a pen/pencil in my hair (no I am not an artist) and frankly if I have straightened my hair its obviously a national holiday or a wedding. I don’t know the cool musicians, I haven’t read the right books and I have never seen a animal documentary series through, even though I do enjoy them. I take my coffee any which way it comes-except obvs caffeinated!

But who the feck cares…who wants to be cool anyway. It takes time away from watching TV and eating tortellini from a mug of boiling water (another treat I indulge in, its a cross between fishing and eating).

2 thoughts on “TV

  1. “Never be cool. Never try and be cool. Never worry what the cool people think. Head for the warm people. Life is warmth. You’ll be cool when you’re dead.” – Matt Haig. Well that is a relief!!

    – A recent Mike pilavachi tweet!


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