RED WED January

So you may, or may not, have heard of RED (Run Every Day) January its to encourage people to get active, get some headspace and also, in this years case, raise funds and awareness for MIND-the incredible Mental health charity. For more info, follow the address below…

Anyway, I am up for this…but realistically its more of a WED with some occasional RED month for me. I think this is best for all…today when I ran I realised 1)my running leggings were on back to front 2)my laces were nearly constantly in a state of undone 3)I breathe so heavily after about 30 seconds 4)my pelvic floor is wrecked (Sorry TMI) and 5) thank the Lord it was dark because a nursing bra…well it doesn’t do much in terms of support.

What’s actually pretty free-ing, is the motivation behind it all.

I am not doing it to lose weight or get fit (though thats not necessarily unwanted) but just to give me some space…and getting it, it is addictive. It makes me a better wife and mother, a better friend and generally just a nicer person. And I can definitely do with anything that helps me there.

One of the things I have been thinking about is what I say when I speak to myself…cue many a joke. I often find I exclaim things to myself, but I have recently realised that I only speak out when I am frustrated, angry, disappointed at myself. It is only ever negative. I do this subconciously, it isn’t intentional…but it get me thinking what if I choose to speak positives to myself.

I feel like a wally doing it. But part of this walking/running month I am going to use to affirm some positives in me.

So if you see some slightly red faced, trundling women speaking to herself around North West Bristol-well fear not, its just a mum trying to get her shit together!

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