Yes she likes to move

I have an active daughter

Who is:

curious, feisty, expressive, adventurous, non-stop, constantly busy and a dancer (its as if she is in a Kate Bush video, but mashed up with Beyonce…its pretty damn great).

And yes, I am tired…always tired. But that is in part because I don’t get to bed early because of my obsession with rubbish TV, and in part because I am not as fit as I should be (but guess what guys I went to Boxercise tonight so I will be ripped in no time…….blaaaa) and in part because she is always on the move. And I am pretty certain, its my legal/moral/ethical/hearts desire to take care of this kid and keep her alive. And man she is crazy…she has no fear (except for masks and parachute games she hates things covering people’s faces!). But you know a road, or a piece of playpark equipment or any chair…well that is to be conquered and scaled.

And I love her for it. I wish she’d embrace rubbish TV at least a bit more, especially at 6am…when I am blindly (no contacts in) and half dressed (Lordy I am gonna have to change things if we get a lodger) searching around for Coffee! But I love her sense of adventure, she makes me want to explore and dance like I am in an expressive dance class with jungle beats! Yes my daughter, own it!

So I have been a little bit peed off by some people I have come across on the bus lately, and I am sad to say they have nearly all been elderly. It saddens me because some of my daughters strongest allies and best mates are people who are the golden stage of their life. I think they are kindred spirits, plus they have lack of teeth in common.

But, we have had a fair few glares and tuts and the odd mumbled comment about ‘how it didn’t happen with their kids’. Now on a few of these occasions, Faith has been overtired and is crying-and I know its not the most pleasant noise. But today, she was just having the time of her life, flailing her arms around and making all sorts of squeals of joy…so I was pretty annoyed with the negative response. Especially as the baby who was asleep in his mothers sling got lots of coos and sweet smiles. The baby was cute, I also smiled as did Faith…we loved the baby. I was just saddened that they couldn’t experience my daughters joy with her…why her not being wrapped up made her less appealing.

Come on people lets celebrate joy, and get lost in wonder at the small things, speak and interact with each other.

And to the bus tutters: I don’t want to dismiss your glares and tuts, I want them to change into smiles and laughter…not just for us but for you too.

So here’s to adventurous girls, and boys, who want to be seen and heard and are dancing wild and free.

Just someone pass me the coffee, and Gin if its past 4pm…man the witching hours are a beast hey?


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