Hear me roar

I am angry, like on the edge rage, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

I am mad as hell at what we are doing to each other, and I am annoyed at myself for letting it go on in my periphery; justifying my inaction because I am not directly involved and its not my battle to fight.

And then on Tuesday night I watched the ‘Florida Project’ -which is a great film, but there is a scene with a kid crying, like properly heart wrenching sobbing and all I could think of is someone hold that baby, someone ensure that child knows they are loved and safe.

It is a film, a beautiful film I should add.

But then I went onto the BBC news page and saw there was an audio file taken at the US/Mexico Border and I started to listen to it…and I fell to pieces. Because this was real life, these were children wailing and scared and traumatised and it wasn’t fake and it was now.

When people are being treated in an inhumane way we should call it out. I am not an American, but I am a human and I know when someone cries like that then something is going seriously wrong.

It is injustice, and it needs to be called out and not ignored. Whether it is in front of you or half the world away. There is power and significance in saying I see this and I will not just walk on by.

It is not the only injustice in the world, but that does not mean we should side step one to concentrate on another. Every life should be honoured, respected and protected-all are sacred.

Which gets me on to the part I find most diabolical-the use of Scripture to justify treating people badly. The Bible has some seriously hard texts in-ones that we should wrestle with, challenge, debate and pray about…and we will have different interpretations (each believing theirs is the right one which makes for some interesting times) but ultimately we all (those who call themselves Christians/Followers of Jesus) stand on this truth that God is love.

Also the Bible is literally full of commands to look after the stranger in the land. So to hear it read aloud as a justification for separation, for pain and trauma to be inflicted on others…well that is when it gets abhorrent for me. That is when I cry ‘False Prophet’ and start grieving for the state that we are in.

The Bible lays down a life long challenge to Love others and Love God-that is not always easy, and sometimes it is not clear how best to do it. But it is what I believe we are made to do.

I am sick of counter arguments being an excuse for inaction. I am sick that we can get tied up in semantics about validity of pictures or statement whilst ignoring the main issues-Yes, we should fact check, Yes, we should do our research, Yes, it may be complex

BUT sometimes it good to go with your gut, your moral compass-at least let it initiate more time looking into something.

A huge part of my parenting is based on gut reactions, and that is scary but it tends to be right. And my daughter is everything to me.

But your daughters and sons are also precious to me, and their cries have not gone unheard. I don’t know what I can do but give, speak up, challenge and pray like I have never done before-hear me roar for Justice, for healing and for mercy on us all.