Dads/Papas/Fathers and Friends

Its Fathers Day and let us celebrate all the good father figures in our lives.

The ones who have guided and advised us,

held us when we have cried or lost our footing,

taught us how to gain new skills even when it was scary (driving),

tried to help us revise and do homework,

held their tongue when we’ve pushed them to the edge,

shown up for us time and time again,

loved us and laughed with us,

listened to our stories/shows/explanations of new inventions and seen our collection of snails and stones, feathers and shells with awe and interest,

Played chase and imaginary games for the millionth time,

told us stories and tales late into the evening when our eyes are heavy,

danced and sang when they really didn’t want to,

picked up sticks and leaves and carried them faithfully,

fixing our broken things and helping us mend our broken hearts,

allowed their jumpers and shirts to become tissues for our runny noses and dribbly mouths,

and shown us new parts of the world and different ways to see things.

Whether they were there for a short time, or not long enough. Whether they were our biological dads or just someone who cared enough to step in those shoes. Whether they were confident in it all or nervously just trying.

Thank you.

And for those that didn’t always have this, or never at all-may we seek to be this for others, and support and encourage Dads around us-may there be healing and redemption through the way we live.

Thank you for those who choose to be different to what they experienced.


Parenting is not easy but it is life giving-it is love in action. And for those who have helped raise me-both my Dad and the community I have been and continue to be raised in. For my husband and our friends who continually pour themselves out for our daughter and others.

Thank you

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