Thank you from the bottom of my heart

You helped me navigate this journey of motherhood when you were struggling with not being a mum. You let me share my worries and concerns and took such care and kindness to listen and encourage when I also represented a life/dream lost.

You helped me celebrate the milestones and brought light and humour when your situation was serving you  depression and despair. You never let bitterness take that away.

You let me drink and cackle, and talk about hair removal (It happens way more than is normal?!) and watch steel magnolias for the millionth time when maybe you just didn’t fancy it.

Thank you for holding on with us, thank you for your courage.

You are a friend to me, a parent to my daughter, and a generous life giver.

You are not one person, you are many.

The gratitude I feel is more than these lines can contain.

I hope and pray we are family to you too. x

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