It’s only Wednesday…

Say what? How can that be…this week has dragged and has been emotional. I mean Blue Peter is 60 years old y’all??


And I just watched a little montage and I was reminded of all the pets that came and went on the short time I was watching it…also felt the regret of 1) having never made any of the crafts but especially the paper mache Tracy Island 2) never getting a Blue Peter Badge (esp as I did hold a bring and buy sale…hmmm maybe it got lost in the mail) can you get one when you are in your mid 30s? 3)Not making it on any TV show ever.

But also it has been long and we are not even at the weekend-we have had many tears and a lot more anger in this household which has been majorly down to lack of sleep. On a plus, we have started watching West Wing again. We love it so much, but it is more than a tad scary to think Trump is doing the job of Jed Bartlet (fictional character I know). How did he get past Toby, CJ, Sam, Josh, Donna and Charlie? I mean that is a joke (and an annoying in-joke) but seriously it is worrying to watch a fictionalised series and think this is more reassuring than the reality.

I am tired and I am also hormonal. And here begins more of the oversharing, that will make some of you uncomfortable. But I don’t really know why because it happens, pretty regularly to a fair few of us-and it kinda is the source of reproduction (who else has the Grease 2 song in their heads-I know, I know its awful-and actually far more cringe worthy than talking about menstruation)

I am waiting for my monthly cycle to reappear. Aunt flo, if you will. I have no idea why some people prefer that. And I have been struck by the fact that a few people I know (And love and respect) have been charting their cycle. Not in some mystic meg way (maybe she did it too and just didn’t have time to chat about it on the small segment that National Lottery gave her?). Nor in a lets get pregnant way-although obvs it is helpful for that too, but more lets understand your body and its transitions throughout the month.

It actually makes a lot of sense. To know how the release of hormones effects your capacity, energy levels and attitude is pretty darn helpful and can help you approach each day with a bit more understanding.

Periods are often a taboo, and although no-one wants moon cup/tampon/sanitary towel shoved in their face (unless you were a boy in my sex ed class in Year 9 when boys were swapping their free Clearasil spot prevention cream with girls for tampons so they could put them in juice…weird I know). But the point is they are part of our lives and the key to our future generations so maybe we should treat the whole thing with a little bit more respect?

When I first got mine, I remember being briefly so happy and relieved (At the ripe old age of 12 I was worried they would never come) also I was in McDonalds with a chicken mcnugget meal-life was ok. But then I had to tell my mum-and despite my mum loving all that chat, I hated it. And of course I came to realise it can hurt like hell.

(GIF Courtesy: <a href="">tumblr</a>)


But rather than ignoring the pain, and praying it doesn’t come (but does because you want to know YOU’RE NOT PREGNANT) know your body, know how to treat it kindly. Arm yourself with info, as well as chocolate, baths and an emotional season of something on Netflix.

So that’s my mid-week feelings guys and girls;

  1. Watch West Wing and enjoy the late 90s references, and feel clued up on the American political system
  2. Know your body better, its better for you and everyone else.
  3.  let me know if I can still get a blue peter badge, I am not so fussed about making Tracy Island tbh.


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