Its like I got this music in my mind, sayin’ it’s gonna be alright

It has been a long while since I have blogged-mainly because I have been similar to that of a beached whale-albeit in the happiest way- in that I have been growing and now have a second small person with me at all times.

Yeah I was like this…but with a lot less movement…and a lot more ice!

So I have done little else except survive, but my constant companion these past few months has been TV…much of which I would not choose, and by that I mean Childrens TV.

Childrens TV is ok-I mean there are some gems like ‘Hey Duggee’ (which is like all the best bits of Brownies (the badges)…but without the ugly brown culloutes, and the duty ridden promises). But there is also a lot of crap. I cannot get beyond the ridiculous nature of some…well all…but some just take the mick in the name of imagination/creativity/writers are definitely on acid too far.

For example ‘Bing’. I don’t care how its good for teaching morals, how is it that in this make believe world none of the houses are built to accommodate the ‘adults’ that live in them?!!! Flop (the main grown up/voice of reason/guardian in the show-somebody get that man (?!) a drink for putting up with that whiny bunny) has to used a stool to turn on a tap, reach his table, and get ‘Bing’ into the bath.

I digress…and its a rabbit hole I would rather not fall down (that sounds like some sick innuendo if you know the show, because Bing is a rabbit…but people I ain’t got the head space for any clever talk)

In the better part of kids TV is music videos from films…Moana, you are a personal hero of mine, as is ‘Rosita’ from the film ‘Sing’.

You can’t help it…it makes you wanna be a pig in a duet in a singing competition!

The above video we have watched about 7 million times, I am down with the dance, words, camera shots-I could be Rosita’s understudy.

And I have found this video oddly moving. Lets be real I cry at pretty much anything, my hormones (like my milk and my body) are all over the place!

But its a weird season this having a newborn malarkey.

I feel like I am busy but doing not a lot.

The cost feels great at times; no decent conversations where you can remember basic facts, no drinking hot drinks whilst they are above luke warm, no sudden movements without the fear of wetting yourself (Sorry tmi), no basic hygiene unless you have really made an effort and the odds are ever in your favour (yet to be achieved).

And all around me adventures seem to be beginning; friends are moving abroad, people are creating and risk taking and I am sat here in PJs that don’t fit hoping I can get 15 more minutes before the baby wakes.

And yet bloody Taylor Swift is singing some truth because flip me, I do hear a song in my mind saying ‘its gonna be alright’.

This time/season/whatever is good too…because life becomes simple. Right now we are learning to be a 4 (with my dreams of being a 5…the fifth element is hopefully gonna be of the feline type). We are finding our rhythm and trying to remember to dance.

Inspired by friends, and because its autumn/harvest festival and if nothing else I learnt in primary school hymn practice that ‘I shouldn’t forget to say a great big thank you, no I mustn’t forget’ , we light a candle every eve and say what we are thankful for.

I guess its like ‘grace’ but just the thank you part?!

It has been a really lovely part of our day, and reminds me to breathe and just take a few seconds to stop and chill. Also my toddler loves it; in part saying thank you, in part because she loves a flame, but mainly because shes bossy and likes to tell us who gets to speak!

Image result for thankful candle

So I am gonna just go and do my pelvic floor exercises, and also drink some water-because when you are potty training a toddler you suddenly become very aware of everyone’s levels of hydration!

But its gonna be ok x

One thought on “Its like I got this music in my mind, sayin’ it’s gonna be alright

  1. To be thankful is a great habit to tender Jen, one I wish I was better at. Keep sharing these things because they are super helpful, real, poinient and funny. Love and miss you. I’d say wish you were here but in truth I wish I was there. Xx


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