Thanksgiving y’all

So we are not American..but I have always enjoyed celebrating thanksgiving and remembering to stop and say thanks and just be grateful for all we have.

Which is not a bad practice anytime of the year really.

Right now, I am feeling a bit sorry for ourselves…we all have had colds,I had to cancel on a friend last Friday, we are really tired and money is tight which is esp fun at this time of year! But you know what…life is also pretty good, Faith is at this great stage where she is babbling and funny. Autumn has actually been pretty wonderful with the beauty of the leaves changing and falling, the incredible Sunsets and sunrises (which we get to see…) And this Saturday, we saw some really close friends who it is just so easy to be with, and we hung out with some lemurs!

We have a lot to be thankful for…plus I have started eating the Christmas treats that are so exciting…like Aldi’s apple stollen…mmmm mmmm! (I have also remembered the song from ‘Keenan and Kel’ and keep changing the lyrics to fit myself ‘Jen loves apple stollen, I do, I do , I dooooo, its true, its true, its truuuu-uee’ Special I know!)

So when you are in a sulk like me, stop-reverse it; and put on some early 90s r’n’b, throw some shapes and remember that life is also pretty darn good.

Anyway gotta get the little girl to the Drs, to see if its normal that she sounds similar to that of a sea lion?


(Also I have a more serious post I want to put up…but need more time, so that may come later today…depends on the illness situation)

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