small beginnings…

‘Do not despise these small beginnings, because the LORD rejoices to see the work begin’ (Zachariah 4.10)

This verse, these small beginnings…oh how I feel like my life is full of small beginnings. Of just managing to unload and then reload the dishwasher or the washing machine, of making bottles and brushing hair and changing nappies.

It is easy to be frustrated by them, of wanting to achieve more, to be more.

I know these days matter, I know that these times with Faith are precious and to be treasured and yet I crave a sense of productivity that can be quantified and services that are paid for. I struggle to live out my belief that worth is not shown in a monetary figure, and success is not always a public achievement.

Today I spent hours swaying…thats right…in an attempt to get or keep Faith asleep.

Today I had about 5 conversations with adults, nearly all of them punctuated by children crying, feeding, getting stuck in small spaces.

Today I spent too much time picking up baked beans and putting them back on my daughters plate for her to eat one or 2 and then throw the rest again.

But I also smiled at a few strangers,

danced to the theme tune of various kids programmes,

listened to the birds singing whilst the sun was on my face and the cold wind blew my hair,

had a mentee (and friend) around and chatted about all that life holds for her,

laughed and played and waved furiously with Faith at our neighbours cat (who wants to live with us…but Mike won’t allow it),

watched my daughter try and walk between her Dad and I and then her squeal with delight and want to do it again and again,

facetimed one of my oldest friends and her beautiful family,

plan a ‘dream bathroom’,

and started to organise some meals for friends about to have a baby.

Then I realised there is joy in these small beginnings, they are sacred because they are living and breathing moments where love is.

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