Seriously challenged

So I am currently taking part in a 30 day insta challenge, where you get a word a day and take a photo that encapsulates that  word. They are quite a fun idea, but alas I did decide to take a challenge based on being an expat in Africa and despite taking it up over 3 weeks ago I am only on challenge 17. Which fittingly is the word ‘challenge’.

I am also watching ‘young, welsh and pretty minted’ which is frustrating me as there are multi millionaires who have basically made their cash through YouTube videos on gardening and rude stationary…the latter I have wanted to set up for ages…darn it!!! Though they are significantly ruder than I was planning to be…

But where I have been significantly challenged, is not about how I can improve my insta game (that ain’t gonna happen) or about making my million through rude stationers (well not yet) but just in being a decent person.

My neighbour and I were out walking our kids, and we came across another neighbour who I knew-so I introduced them. Anyway the lady who I introduced was having a bit of a hard time for various reasons, and before she had even finished her sentence-my friend told her, that she was welcome to come and stay, take a hot bath and hang out with them at their house. And this wasn’t a token gesture it was for real.

I, a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t thought of it, said a bit of a lame ‘oh yeah me too…any time’ -which was more embarrassing as I was highlighting the fact I hadn’t done it before, I really do need to learn to read situations better.

It challenged me, about what needs are we trying to meet when we help. Is it just the needs we want to meet?

I don’t have the answers (Surprise, surprise) although I have watche a lot of ‘the chase’ lately and so my general knowledge is rapidly improving. But I am going to try and get better at listening to what people are saying and not just assuming what they need.

Also, on a completely different note this time next week I will have a 1 year old.

I am simultaneously thrilled that we have all got this far, without too many bumps and bruises. Whilst also terrified at the fact she is pretty mobile and active these days, and already I feel like I can’t/don’t want to keep up! Chasing and hide and seek-they get boring pretty quick.

But wahey she will be 1 and I a sprite young mum, who I am sure is regularly mistaken for a teen mum….bwahaha!!!!!

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