snow changes everything…

Well mainly the landscape.

And my consumption of hot chocolate.

But in our case it also means interview postponed, colds gained, and most challenging… longer periods of time indoors. Just Faith and I. We are both struggling.

I generally love the snow-a snow day was like the miracle/dream/unicorn day all rolled in to one! No work and a lot of fun. However, having a child-and one that struggles to move in snow up to her knees, but nonetheless wants to try. A lot less wine, a lot more whine and spilt milk.

But that is life-ups and downs and lots of sugar along the way.

It is March, it is the month of Daffodils, and nearly all our family birthdays, and walks and wine and spring. So it feels a bit surreal sitting inside whilst there is a blizzard outside, having my millionth hot drink, 4 layers on and wondering if we can manage to out on all the coats, scarves and boots to go out again.

I guess I just hoped life would be easier, did anyone else?

It’s a been a long winter and I need some spring.

And I probably need to have some kind of separation from the TV. My longstanding relationship has especially deepened over the last year-but I think we both need some space. Some time apart. I had hoped to start doing some yoga and just a range of activities that involve more than sitting down and fixing my eyes on a screen.

Anyone else feel like this and have any tips for success?

Change needs to happen here…otherwise I will turn into a slobby marshmallow and although we all, well some of us, love a marshmallow-it needs to be a treat not an everyday!

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