If all else fails, sing Whitney (loudly)

It basically solves everything…well a lot…I mean belting out ‘I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way’ whilst adding in some strong hand gestures-it is always uplifting.

And today well I saw what Whitney was singing about; I watched hundreds of young people from Bristol and across the UK, come and clear gardens, listen to people, paint, clean, organise and lead kids activities. It was pretty inspiring.

You know we spend too much time being cynical. Well at least I do.

And don’t get me wrong its important to ask the difficult questions and to be constructive and reflective, and reviewing how we can do things better. But too often cynicism stops us doing anything and we lose sight of how sometimes small and simple acts of kindness they are life changing. For everyone involved.

So release your inner Whitney (the singing part that is) and just embrace life.

Also in a short review;

  • The book ‘Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine’ was a good read-I finished it in 5 days-which means it is an easy read but also engaging.
  • Daffodils are pretty lush, even if they do smell a bit funny.
  • Hot cross buns are food group we have relied on heavily in this house in March
  • But Easter eggs have been mixed…
  • I got in touch with my emotions by watching Seven Year Switch on Channel 4
  • I enjoyed Passover Seder meal with friends, hearing her pray and her kids sing in Hebrew made my heart soar. And she adapted it to remind us that we are part of the story of freedom and liberty…honestly beautiful.
  • Watching Mike stuck up the top level of a soft play with our 3 year old niece on holiday, made me laugh and apparently he found it quite restful?!
  • Snow….wonderful and horrific and still happening in April…
  • In reaction to the cold I am probably going to register to do the rainbow run in June…anyone else in???
  • I walked into 2 walls/posts and drove the buggy into 1 wall (Faith was not in it but this was the most embarrassing because it was in front of a busy bus stop)
  • I painted my nails and then knocked them instantly and it was all removed 3 hours later. It never works out when I do it myself!
  • I dreamt of getting a duck as a pet…still a dream I hope to achieve.

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