Sea Swimming…

…was a lifeline.

Who knew: salty sun scorched hair, white legs that almost glowed under the water, moving through the sea dodging children on body boards and old people in swimming caps and goggles (the seasoned pros who are in all year round), feeling numb because yup its still cold but also so flippin alive, and also just a tad scared of jellyfish, eels or randy dolphins (all have been known to frequent those shores).

Actually quite a few of you knew the advantages and regularly rave about it, one talented friend even has a show about it ‘Katrina Quinn: Individual Medley’-if you’re at Edinburgh Fringe go see her!

But I am not an avid sea swimmer, I go now and then…but often at the beach I don’t go.

I instead can be found grabbing a coffee and going for a walk, or chatting to friends, exploring with the little one, and often Paddling-sure I will always go for a paddle.

But for a while now I have been pretty keen to fully immerse myself in the sea-and I guess what puts me off is my body. Which is a rubbish answer and I wish it wasn’t true.

Although I definitely don’t stress too much about my body, I also try and hide away from having to expose the parts I don’t love…even avoiding trying things I might enjoy because I am embarrassed of it.

How blooming stupid I think-why give so much power to such negative thought, and yet especially since having my daughter that embarrassment wins out time and time again.

You know if Whitney, Beyonce or any old school R’n’B comes on I can’t help but give a little shake and a wiggle and I won’t care what anyone thinks. I just want to show my daughter how important and wonderful it is to dance, especially to such amazing music. And her joy in moving is already evident-she does a kind of stamp, hop, flail to any music (she’s not picky esp about theme tunes).

But for some reason this freedom to just live stops short when it came to wearing a costume, maybe I wasn’t brave because I didn’t need to be-she doesn’t want to go in too far atm-well its only just up to my knees.

But I was wondering why can’t I be brave just for me?

I see a physio since having her-it is one of the best things I have done for my body, anyway in a session recently she talked about connection with your whole body. She was saying this because I admitted I didn’t like to think/touch my stomach. She was stressing the importance of owning and enjoying your body as a whole-acknowledging the connection between all the parts, and what they contribute. At the time I just nodded and smiled, and thought ‘it’s fine for you your stomach doesn’t resemble Krang-a villain in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

But when I was in the water I felt that sense of connection with my whole body.

It sounds so cheesy but it is true, it was healing.

And so I swam about (within the flags) for 20 lovely minutes. And yes I got out I was a bit self-conscious but I cared about 75% less than I did going in, and felt 100% more brave and courageous! I can do anything now, watch out world I will be doing all kinds of kick ass stuff like getting back to driving and actually learning how to do internet banking!!!

Wade in the water and all that, I found it to be good for the soul, body and mind.

So this week be brave-it’ll probably do you the world of good

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