On the fringe thoughts’

So this blog is dedicated to my fringe, which is non-conformist and seems to BE  not at all affected by any current trends or fashion. Instead it is on a quest to live a life that epitomises freestylin’. Here is what I imagine it is thinking…

Me: I am going to take some time this morning to look better, straighten my hair, put on some makeup and wear my least creased clothes.

Fringe: I will not be tortured into a certain position by those hot irons. In protest I will stick straight out-as if I am lying out from your head, shelf like, in defiance of such abuse. This shelf fringe, of course, will not actually be of any use-it will just distract away from the makeup on your face, and your currently clean clothes, as a reminder to you and the world that you do not have any control over your life. If I could I would paint myself red, and sing/shout protest chants that are in no way melodic and cause everyones ears and eyes the greatest offence. (But alas I am a fringe and do not have the resources, or hands or mouth, so I will simply stick out)

Me: Oh look at the beautiful period dramas and the hairstyles of Jo March (Little Women) and Anne (Anne of Green Gables…the sequel when she is older). Perhaps I could do my hair in that romantic way if I plait it and pin it? I do have some natural waves.

Fringe: I will not be tied down by a kirby grip (or 10) and I will not be twisted or plaited into some pre-set condition. Yes I will show off the natural waves I have myself as if setting off to sea. I will rise above, and dream of a day when I can escape. I will take a french lover and we will sail the oceans, with very little belongings but the wind and sea salt in our hair. When we finally stop then we will take to the skies in a hot air balloon and sway to the music of the birds and the bees and marvel at the beauty of it all .

Me:  I just need to get this fringe out of my eyes. That’s it-I will get it cut

Fringe: Shit-right now we need to behave. look sleek and cool for just 30 mins and somehow we need to remind her that she is broke and often hairdressers make her feel rubbish with their small talk/or too cool for her vibes. We can do this, just act natural!

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