Popping in

For September I have been walking a lot. 108 miles to be exact.

Some of these miles have been walked along beautiful beaches and others through dewy, light glimmering woodland picking up red and gold leaves and conkers as we went. Others were spent pacing out the days anxieties and stresses with a friend in the late afternoon or early evening. And a fair portion were spent with a screaming child, who often was point blank refusing the buggy and her own feet, and instead trying to become one with the dirt through embracing the ground open mouthed whilst still screaming. It would be more impressive if it wasn’t my life.

But the best part of this month was the popping in I did. I STRONGLY believe (thats right people I used Caps lock-its like the GIF/meme of the early 90s) in the wonder that is popping in to your mates house.

I appreciate it, the calling in because you’re nearby is not everyone’s bag. Some people like notice, they like to prepare, they don’t want people to see their unbrushed hair, or their socks drying or their kids painting with puree on their walls. But I love that stuff…I seriously do. Obviously there are those who don’t like people turning up unannounced because they like their privacy and alone time-I am in fact, married to one such person, although he has become more amiable to hanging out with friends.

But for those who panic about the messiness of their home/life-don’t, some of us love the crap. My mum had a magnet (bought for her) that said ‘dull women have clean houses’…which is a bit offensive on so many levels but I thought it was a bit funny too. I would add ‘Dull women or those with cleaners’.

I am aware all of us have different ideas of cleanliness…and I don’t really like to be covered in dirt either. Clutter, however, is my friend…its like life demonstrated.

Going back to the point-I love popping in to friends houses and I love it when the call in on us too. And all this walking business has provided ample opportunity to pop into our friends and neighbours. Now, as I was already out-I didn’t mind if I got turned away or they weren’t in because popping in was not the reason to be out. I think that takes a lot of the pressure off popping in, and any expectations you might have.

Joy of joys, there were many a ‘pop in and have a cuppa’ to be had this last month. I honestly think this is how we were meant to live-with the ability to drop in on those in your community.

Sharing life, toddler tea time, a drink, laughing amongst the sleep deprivation-this is the stuff of survival.

Obviously, being out had the downside that we weren’t always in for people to pop in on us, but I hope people know that they can come over. There’s usually a clean mug, or at least some vessel to hold a drink.

And finally here are my thoughts from this week:

  • Autumn is so beautiful, but finding dried crispy bits of leaves everywhere your child has been is not so fun.
  •  My skin is not loving me right now so I may try and cut down on the old sugar and milk…what the flip as Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out as well? I’m sure 1 or 2 won’t hurt? (Please Note: the above pictured was from a fair few years ago)
  • It’s been 20 years since Hanson released Mmmm Bop…I know crazy huh, also in weird celeb gossip apparently they have like a trillion kids between the 3 brothers…mental.
  • Also age related-Matilda is 30, as in the Roald Dahl character-why is everyone younger than me?! (Don’t answer that) So Quentin Blake (who does the best illustrations, and his book on grief is honestly and heartbreakingly beautiful) has drawn some limited edition covers of what she might be doing at 30. I am desperate to get one. It also made me, even though yes I am a fully fledged adult, stare at some books to see if I could move them. I am sad to report I don’t have the power.
  • In the highly recommend section of my life I would just again say how much I love Caitlin Moran. I went to see her be interviewed in Bath last week-and the lady speaks so much sense. Come hang out with me please. Her new book ‘how to be famous’ is bloomin amazing. As is Dawn O’Porters ‘the cows’
  • Autumn is a time for new stationary, new coats, jumper and a rethink of your sleep wear-we are on a budget so I am trying to embrace thinking about more creatively about ‘new’ (as in I am trying to embrace secondhand, and dare I say it, homemade stuff). Although I haven’t quite gone so far as to think I could make clothing…which is good because I am truly shit at sewing. But hit me up with any hidden gems on money saving and getting things cheaply.

2 thoughts on “Popping in

  1. Loved coming across this and reading! Feel free to pop in anytime! I love Autumn! The colours the smells although I really don’t like the camouflage for hidden dog feces! Makes me really cross ,especially when I have my wellies on and like to kick through the leaves 🍁. Hopefully see you around soon either while walking or popping in!

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